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Journal Name Current Business Issues Journal (CBIJ)
Description Current Business Issues Journal (CBIJ) is an open access, peer-reviewed, and refereed journal published by Research Excellence Institute, South Africa. Current Business Issues Journal (CBIJ) aims at identifying, compiling and disseminating business case studies that depict novel business ideas, strategies and outstanding business performance. Current Business Issues Journal (CBIJ) is an open-access annual journal published by Research Excellence Institute (REI). Current Business Issues Journal (CBIJ) invites business organisations to submit their business success stories informed by their novel business ideas or strategies. The journal is interested in publishing quality case studies – informed by novel business ideas and strategies implementation. CBIJ also publishes stories on business failure and lessons learnt. Small businesses and family-owned businesses are encouraged to submit their stories on business success and failures.
Author Richard, Chinomona
Serial Number XXXX-XXXX
Publisher Research Excellence Institute
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Frequency Annually
Status 1
Journal Start Year 2018